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Deeper: Growing Deeper Disciples

Ongoing Worship Series September 21 – October 26   A tree spreads wider branches and bears more fruit when its roots are deep.  So it goes with our discipleship in Jesus Christ.  When we take our discipleship deeper, our lives with Christ will reach further and blossom greater.  Over the next six weeks our worship…

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NEW: Discipleship & Life Groups

Discipleship Groups How is it with your soul? Everyday people ask us “How are you?” but how often are we asked, “How is it with your soul?” When someone asks this, they want to know more than just what you’ve been up to or how your day is going. They want to connect with you…

Fall Bible Study 2014

Fall Bible Study Opportunities

Are you wanting to learn more about the Bible, grow spiritually and connect with others? The following short term Bible studies are being offered this fall:   “The Bible in 90 Days” Bible Study Read the Bible cover to cover in a comprehensive study in a group setting.  Participants will receive a study guide and…


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